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Communication dubbing course Rome
Through the technique of Dubbing it is possible to get to a total command of verbal language that represents a fundamental part of an effective communication. In today's world people are aware of the crucial role of communication in our society. Communicating means being understood: the objective is to clearly and directly express oneself, but above all it is to be able to attract and keep the attention of an audience. Only through proper communication we can easily make the others share our knowledge, our ideas, our thoughts and our decisions. Dubbing is characterized by a precise of acting: it is clear, direct, natural and with no affectations. Here comes its effectiveness. Dubbing Course

Our company sets a course that consists of fourteen practical lessons each of three hours, twice a week.
From the very first lesson, each student will record his/her voice and listen to it right after in a professional recording studio. This is the key for a fast and successful learning.

Learning program

Voice setting, control of emotions, tone, pitch, diction, articulation, rhythm, breathing.
Each group is composed of no more than ten members.

The teachers are Andrea and Stefano Di Cicco, owners of Titania recording studios and professional voice coaches with 20 years experience.

Training duration

The duration of the course is seven weeks, with two lessons per week. Each lesson is three hours with a choice between Monday and Thursday from 6pm to 9 pm or Tuesday and Friday from 10am to 1pm.


Dubbing Courses are open to everybody, aspiring professionals, simple keens wishing to satisfy a curiosity or to verify one's aptitude.
Strictly designed and approved by Studi Titania srl.

Course details

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